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  GPS    November 19, 2017
Our Newest Unit Minimize

Venture 6 Real-Time Tracking System

The Venture 5 & 6 is Designed, Manufactured, and Supported by Time Management in sunny Orlando, Florida.

These unit allows you to view the location of all of your vehicles from any internet connection.

The Venture 5 & 6 is shipped to you ready to go and takes only minutes to install on most vehicles.

Try one Today.

Vehicle Tracking Units Minimize
Why use a GPS ?

  Using a GPS increases your profits by making your employees accountable and more efficient. 

This efficiency translates to more stops during the day which increases production for you and the commissioned employee.

Studies show that the return of investment (ROI) for a GPS unit is typically 3 months, given factors of how much driving is done and how the GPS data is used to improve the business.

Driver skills can be enhanced by friendly reminders of exceeding the speed limit.  

Fuel consumption can be decreased by helping the driver be aware of excessive idle times.

Or a new driver can get helpful directions, from where they are on the map to where ever they are going.

Family Matters Minimize
Many people are purchasing GPS units for their young drivers for safety and a way to continue teaching better driving habits.  Should your young driver call saying they need directions but not quite sure where they are, you can help.  If having the GPS unit helps keep the speeding down, you are only helping the driver be safer and avoiding that first ticket.  Should the vehicle get stolen because the keys were in left in the car, you will know where it is.  
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