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  Software    November 19, 2017

Computer Software

The user interface to automated equipment. 

The easier to use/learn and more consistent the software, the more useful and productive it is.

Software at its Best Minimize
we customize the software to the way you can be most successful, most software tells you how to run your business in order to use their software (ever thought of calling quickbooks to make a change in the software for you)- this makes the learning curve very small and usually people can be up and running in the same day.

   Scheduling - Keeping track of all appointments weather they are recurring, one-time, or follow-up.
  Routing - Setting your appointment in the most efficient order to save time, gas, and money.
   Accounting - This software tracks of of you money and how and why you spend it.  Business efficiency can be exposed here.
   Customer Tracking - having the information you need about your customers so you can help them meet their needs.
   Contact Management - making sure you call your leads or customers on the day and time they would like is important to sales and customer service.
   Inventory - controlling inventory by having the right inventory on hand for sales but not too much to hurt cash flow can effect the bottom line.
   Document Management - in this information age being able to find the right document quickly without extensive employee expense is being critical as the amount of information we need grows.
   Handheld / Barcode - using available technology to reduce employee expense and increasing the bottom line.
   Custom Applications - We take your technology ideas and make them happen.
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