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Military Grade Intelligence To Empower Your Business 

DMA World was started by Mark Amell who, while serving his country, developed and integrated AI (Artificial Intelligence) solutions for military applications around the world*. Since leaving the military several decades ago he has been applying his unique skill-set to solve problems for businesses small and large in the private sector. Whereas his primary focus for the past three decades has been to aide pest control companies, his coalition of experts can quickly scale up or down to tackle virtually any problem that can be solved via coding.


Mr. Amell was tagged early on by the military while leading his high school math team to state championships. Companies large and small who have employed Mark's talents have gained tailored solutions to reduce costs, improve efficiency, gain productivity and eradicate competition.

Why choose DMA? 

DMA Consulting wants you to succeed and enjoy your business.  By stream-lining the paperwork, automating where possible and implementing a marketing plan, you can focus on your business.  Throughout history the most successful businesses have owners that delegate and supervise what they are not the best on.  

*All military applications and solutions have been replaced and updated numerous times since Mr. Amell's service. His military intel would be of no value to outside interests.

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