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Face it . . . the first place most people look anymore for information or services is a quick search into the Internet via phone or computer. It's critically important that you are showing up within the region your services are being offered. Whereas at one time the best route to your next potential customer was a well designed website (which is still very important), most new local traffic arrives through social media. DMA can assist your building an on-line presence so you can become and remain competitive in your region.

Internet Marketing Plan

If you spend any time researching about Internet Marketing, it’s easy to get overwhelmed.  Too many writers or “experts” on the subject will have their own scaled-down, specialty area they’ll try to sell as the whole world of Internet Marketing.  Out of curiosity, I recently attended a presentation touting how I could spend a $1000 to learn about Facebook ads and make $20,000 a month in 6 months using their techniques.  My point is . . . Buyer Beware; there are many people making money selling knowledge on a miniscule piece of the needed information.  If you’ll continue to read, I hope to expand your vision to help you see a bigger picture of what Internet Marketing includes and where it’s headed.  

SEO (Search Engine Optimizations) are the processes that are necessary to position your website higher in the search results than someone else offering a similar product or service.  If your site doesn’t show up on the first page of results, chances are slim anyone will find it.  Without proper SEO you can spend $10,000 on a web site and get no visitors.  They’ll click on a cheapo website if it comes up first. 

Omni Channel is the new buzz word you will hear being used more and more.  The goal is to have all your sales interfaces to be seamless on all devices and user interfaces - from phone, to desktop, to social media, etc.  If you do it right, Google will reward you with a higher search ranking.  Google will give you points for being everywhere with well-designed user continuity.  Where do we start?

1. Website – you must have a web site that looks good on a desktop and phone.  The web site has to have page tags, and image tags that Google can read.  The web site must load quickly.

2. Emails – Customer retention.  Send your customers a monthly flyer saying Happy St Patrick’s day, Happy Mother’s Day, Happy Thanksgiving, etc.; something every month.  This keeps your name fresh in their minds.  Reselling a happy customer is a lot less expensive than selling a new customer, so collect those email addresses.  We have tools to help.

3. Email Marketing.  Collect email addresses everywhere from a bowl in your store to Chamber meetings to conventions, etc.  Send them a series of 6 emails starting with useful information they can think about and lastly ending with your best sales pitch.  Again, we have tools and procedures to help you.

4. YouTube.  Fun Facts: Google owns YouTube.  Over 40% of searches are now on YouTube rather than Google.  85% of all videos are all watched without the sound (people are at work etc.).  Our approach is to create a YouTube channel and place just a couple of videos in it to start.  Through software we add closed caption and create a searchable file attached to the video that Google can read.

5. Local Search Engines – There are about 70 local search engines.  Google uses these to verify data like name, address, office hours and phone numbers.  This gives you brownie points if you have all the local search engines filled in with consistent information.

6. Social Media Posting – DMA has software that will post, tweet, etc., for you making your presence in social media a little easier.

7. Social Media Ads – At some point, after the above are running smoothly, you may want to try a social media ad. 

8. Blogging - Google loves experts.  Having a Blog where you are putting out meaningful information and building your reputation as an expert will help.

9. FAQ Page – A page on your web site for frequently asked questions helps builds your reputation as an expert.

10. Keywords – Keywords obviously help in SEO. The progression has gone from words to long tailed key phrases to questions.  One of the crucial ways we are working to prepare our websites for artificial intelligence is to provide both questions and useful answers to those questions on websites and blogs.   

Last ThoughtCompany reviews.  Back in younger days you would tell 10 people if you had a good experience and maybe 40 if not.  Now it is easy to tell 100,000 through reviews.  DMA has software that will ask for reviews and monitor reviews so you can respond to a bad review quickly.  By asking for reviews you can increase the number of reviews to offset any bad ones.

Where is the world going:  The world is turning to Artificial Intelligence (AI) to efficiently answer your questions.  For example, tools like Seri are answering common questions you might ask like, “Where is the closest Pharmacy that is now open?”  Your latitude/longitude is taken from your phone’s location, finds the closest pharmacy from data in the search engines on their location and hours listed.  In this age of AI, if you do not have hours listed, you will be skipped over.  AI requires verified data to make its decisions.  Google is spending a lot of money to verify data and deliver the correct answers so that consumers will go to Google with questions and Google can then charge advertisers more money. 

Why DMA Consulting:  Back in the 1980s, as an Officer in the Air Force, and while working with the Joint Chiefs of Staff, I managed the first Artificial Intelligence Project for the military.  Since that time, I have closely followed the use of AI throughout various business applications.  Being a computer programmer and integrating data bases, I think I have a unique point of view of how verifying data for the AI equations fit together.  Right now, the vision is clear on where technology is heading, and DMA believes we can give you a significant head start against your competition in growing your business.

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